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American Muslim Group Praying at Xian Great Mosque

American Muslim Group Visiting Mosques in Linxia, Gangsu Province

American Muslims Praying with Chinese Muslims at Xian Great Mosque

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 2

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 3

IMANA Group Cruising the Li River in Guilin

IMANA Group Visiting the Garden of the Master of Nets in Suzhou

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Testimonials from Customers

Client Information

Name: Sophie Paine   Nationality: France

Itinerary: Tailor-made Yinchuan Xining Muslim Tour 7 Days

Time of Traveling: Feb 12 to 18, 2012

Dear Hannah,
Just a quick note to let you know that the trip last week was amazing. Very interesting, well organised and both guides were very knowledge and efficient, and both drivers were good.
Thank you very much.

Client Information

Name: Faridah   Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: Guilin Tailor Made Muslim Tour 5 Days

Time of Traveling: Mar 14 to 18, 2011


We enjoyed our short trip to Guilin, Yangshuo and its nearby areas. Mr. Qin and Mr. Kao (the driver. I am not sure of how his name is spelt) were simply wonderful! The days we were there are mostly rainy but nevertheless it did not stop us from visiting the sites and had it not been for our wonderful driver and guide we would be lost!

Kindest regards and Wass.


Client Information

Name: Fakhrurrazi Rahman Nationality: Indonesia

Itinerary: Best of China Muslim Tour 11 Days

Time of Traveling: From Sep 17 to Sep to Sep 27, 2010

Dear grace
Thanks for your arrangement our tour, we are so satisfied for all destination. We find good hotel, and professional guide especially for Beijing and Guilin, Xian not so bad and shanghai need improve knowledge about the tour object. In principle all of them are cooperative and helpful.
Just for info, In Hong Kong at the time to boarding back to Jkt we loss passport but we can provide in three days, because of holiday in hkg. We have arrived in jkt in the morning on 5Okt2010.
Thank for every thing. I hope you a success.


Client Information

Name: Omar Syed  Nationality: USA

Itinerary: Best of China Muslim Tour 16 Days

Time of Traveling: From Sep 13 to Sep 28, 2010

Dear Grace:
We arrived back in the United States on September 30th as scheduled after an action packed, fun and extremely educational 3 weeks in China. We all had a wonderful time made possible by the hospitality, cooperation and understanding of the travel guides and the drivers. We received extremely good treatment wherever we went. It was very fascinating visiting all the cities. The guides did a very good job showing and describing the various sites and helping us understand the local customs. The tour guides and the drivers were just awesome.
Our sincerest best wishes and heartfelt thanks to Jennifer, Jenny, Sophie, Fantastic, Alex, Sunny, yourself, and all the drivers for making our stay in China such a memorable one. We have come back with great appreciation of China and the progress it has made. We will recommend IslamiChina tours to all friends here.
Azra and I are planning to visit Uzbekistan in April 2011, and if possible to visit Urumqi, Turpan and Kashgar with flight from Tashkent,Uzbekistan to Urumqi and then back to Tashkent. Are there any flights from Kashghar to Tashkent? Please recommend an itinerary for these cities in China with cost.
Again thank you very much for making our trip so enjoyable.
Best regards
Omar A. Syed


Client Information

Name: Mr. Noorman  Nationality: Singapore

Itinerary: Tailor-made Beijing Muslim Tour 2 Days

Time of Traveling: from Jun 06 to Jun 07, 2010

Dear Grace,
Nice to hear from you again. We did enjoy our brief trip to Beijing very much and will hopefully return in the near future to experience China again. These are our comments on the tour overall as you requested. I hope these serve to be useful and constructive to your company. It was really pleasant liaising with you, despite us not meeting in person, and we wish you the best.
Overall review on the trip: 2 Nights Beijing Tour (Tailor-made) A very good brief encounter with Beijing, with a very good tour guide and driver.
Communication with sales representative: Grace was excellent to communicate with. She was extremely prompt in her replies to us and particularly attentive to our needs, incorporating our interests and needs into our tailor-made tour package on our very short stay in Beijing.
Tour guide: Claire (Ms. Zhang) was overall an amiable and very knowledgeable guide who answered all our questions patiently. She provided us with adequate information of the various sights we visited, though I would have liked accounts of modern/contemporary Chinese history to be incorporated into her commentaries and how these then shaped the lives of the Chinese and broader Chinese society, which I thought was missing and was often not addressed. It seemed as if the commentaries served to celebrate Chinese imperial history, rather than provide a more balanced, nuanced account.
Hotel: Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel (on our own arrangement). Excellent 5-star hotel situated close to the metro. Fantastic room with a large bathroom and Wifi services. You could consider using this hotel for your future tours.
Coach: The minivan driven by Mr Yan was generally good and comfortable. He drove safely throughout our trip and provided us with bottles of water, which was a pleasant gesture.
Meals: Excellent food. We requested for less salt and oil, and the meals turned out to be very good, especially the Peking duck, though the least favorite for us was the lunch stop before visiting the Great Wall, but this venue is understandable since there were no halal restaurants in the vicinity.
Kindest regards and Wass.