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There is a large Muslim population in Jinan. Therefore it is quite easy to find Halal restaurants in Ji’nan serving different kinds of cuisines. Muslims in Ji’nan strictly stick to Halal diet. One famous local Halal snack restaurant is called Huangshihexiang steamed buns with stuffing (皇氏荷香灌汤包). If you are interested in Xinjiang cuisine, Big Plate Chicken, Xinjiang Restaurant, Xinjiangju will be your best choices. Laogen Restaurant and Dongxishun Restaurant both provide Mongolian Hot-pot with traditional bronze pot. Tasty mutton made in various ways can easily whet everyone’s appetite.
ji'nan Halal Restaurants
Yunting Restaurant

Cuisine: Local Ji'nan Muslim Cuisine (Hot Pop)
Add: No. 12, Jingshi Road, Lixia District, Ji'nan
Tel: 0531-82913698

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