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Tibet (Lhasa) Halal Restaurants, Tibet (Lhasa) Muslim Restaurants, Halal food in Tibet (Lhasa), Muslim Food in Tibet (Lhasa).

Islam has an 1100 years history in Tibet. In the 14th century, some Muslim merchants from Kashmir came to Lhasa for trading and settled in Lhasa, It is said that they were the earliest Muslims in Tibet. They married with local women and intoduced Islam to Tibet, eventually a new muslim community was built up in Lhasa.

Nowadays, there are two groups of Muslims in Tibet. One group is from Ningxia province of China, they are known as Hui Muslim. The other group is called non-Chinese Muslim, they came from Kashmir, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Ladakh. The muslim community in Lhasa is located near mosques, the Large Mosque and Small Mosque.


The Muslim population in Lhasa is 2000. They believe in Islam, but the ways of their life are mostly the same as local Tibetans. They strictly stick to Halal diet, but they have the same food as Tibetans, like Mutton, Tsampa (Roasted Barley) with Butter and Cheese, Stewed Lamb with Radish, Milky Tea and Tibet Butter Tea. They speak Tibetan and dress in traditional Tibetan clothing. They are a group of Muslim with striking personalities in China.

Halal restaurants in Lhasa are located near mosques in Lhasa. Besides local Tibetan Halal food, Lanzhou beef noodles can be found in many small Halal restaurants in Lhasa.

Lhasa Halal Restaurants
Lhasa Linxia Hotel Restaurant

Cuisine: Northwest China Muslim Cuisine
Add: Duodi South Road, Chengguan, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6901693

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