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Famous Halal Restaurants In China

The history of Chinese Muslim cuisine is as long as the history of Islam in China. With thousands of years of history, Chinese Muslim cuisine has formed its unique style. Since there are ten ethnic groups believing in Islam, their ethnic cuisine has also become part of Chinese Muslim cuisine. With such a land mass, different parts of China also has its unique Muslim cuisines. Here we select a list of famous Halal restaurants in China for your reference.

Famous Halal Restaurants in Beijing
Hongbinlou Halal Restaurant
Donglaishun Hot Pot Restaurants
Kaorouji Restaurant

Famous Halal Restaurants in Shanghai
Hongchangxing Restaurant

Famous Halal Restaurants in Xian
Laosunjian Restaurant
Tongshengxiang Restaurant

Famous Halal Restaurants in Guangzhou
Wuyang Huimin Restaurant