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Do you love and have a little time or effort to help us grow? You have been our biggest allies in the past, enabling us to continually grow and improve. We are sincerely expecting your kind help to build the most comprehensive website in providing info on Mosques, Halal food in China. As you know that China is not a Muslim country and we Chinese are not good at English language writing, your generous help will be highly appreciated by and our Muslim brothers and sisters who visit our site.

So what can you do to help grow? Here are a few things you can do that require little effort.

Post a review or a picture of Halal Restaurants you've been to
The most important thing that a Muslim traveler cares about is Halal food. We are doing our utmost to provide as much info as we can to keep this website updated with Halal restaurants all across China. However, we still lack info on Halal Restaurants located in cities of less visited areas of China. Your kind reviews and your recommendation of Halal restaurants will be of great help to all our Muslim brothers and sisters who are planning a trip to China.

Spread the word
The best way you can help grow and improve is to tell everyone you know about our site and our community. Spread the word that "Your Aladdin’s Lamp in China is"

Write an article
To travel thousands of miles is like reading thousands of books. It is always great to share your travel experiences with others. If you have ever traveled in China, just come and join Community to share your emotions with others!

Articles should be concise (1500 words or less) and more often than not, include recipes. Please state photo availability. Re-printed articles are fine. By submitting an article, you grant us permission to publish it and edit it for length and content, as necessary. By submitting your contribution, you represent that you are its author or creator. Please be aware that we archive all articles so a submission to gives us permission to run the article for the life of this web site.

The article should be your original creation, not published elsewhere and shall not infringe copyright or violate in any way the rights of others. will not be under any obligation to verify authorship, authenticity or validity of articles published in community. You will take on full responsibility whenever any dispute over copyright arises.

The article published in community should not contravene any legal restrictions, and should not include anything of a political, pornographic, discriminatory or abusive nature; neither shall it infringe upon any third party's privacy or cause them inconvenience.

Articles to be contributed and pictures attached shall be relevant to travel in China and likely to be of interest or of use to other travelers.

Articles published in community for article contribution should carry your real name.