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American Muslim Group Praying at Xian Great Mosque

American Muslim Group Visiting Mosques in Linxia, Gangsu Province

American Muslims Praying with Chinese Muslims at Xian Great Mosque

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 2

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 3

IMANA Group Cruising the Li River in Guilin

IMANA Group Visiting the Garden of the Master of Nets in Suzhou

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Client Information

Name: Iskandar  Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: Tailor-made Beijing, Xian & Shanghai Muslim Tour

Time of Traveling: Nov 07 to Nov 14, 2015

Salaam Johan & IslamiChina team,
I just came back from the tour a few days ago and firstly I just want to say Thank you personally to Johan for making all the necessary arrangement for my recent ICT012 tour to Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. I really enjoyed the tour very much. Here are my feedback on the tour packages:
1) Beijing
a. Tourguide - Vicky.
Vicky is very friendly & helpful. She is knowledgeable not only on the tour places but also on Islamic sensitivities. She even suggested me some additional things to do on my free time outside the itinerary (at my own expenses of course) such as the acrobatic performance. She gave me options on the Great Wall locations and let me decide the gate for us to climb. She had all the entrance ticket ready so we didn’t waste any time. This is very good service that she is providing. I am happy with Vicky.
b. Hotel accommodation - Taishun Hotel
The hotel is pretty far from nearest Metro subway station and any other attractions or shopping malls. The only positive point on the hotel is that it offers Halal Food. There is no safety box nor fridge.
c. Tour places.
Vicky relooked at my itinerary and suggested some changes to better manage the time. This is very good indeed because she is in a better place to know where everything is nearby located to be grouped into one day. She selected good & delicious halal restaurants.
2) Xian
a. Tourguide – Sally.
Sally is a nice lady and knowledgeable about the history of Xian as well as China as a whole. Even though she has never handled a muslim tour before, she asked for my advise on food and prayer times. She even introduced me to local Xian delicacies like the sticky rice stick, pomegranate cake, rose steamed rice and the biang biang noodle at her own expenses. She is very flexible in having additional itinerary such as climbing the City Wall (additional charge on my own) to make sure my trip is complete. The only thing is that she needs to pre-determine the eating Halal places so that we don’t have to choose last minute Halal places.
b. Hotel accommodation – Xian City Hotel
The hotel is in town and near to Metro subway station. Very good amenities & location. Recommended.
c. Tour places.
Sally followed my itinerary and flexible to accommodate any additional as long as time permits.
3) Shanghai
a. Tourguide – Cici.
Cici has a bubbly personality and knowledgeable about the places in Shanghai. She accompanied me up to the entrance of the river cruise to make sure I am OK (because a lot of local Chinese tourists). My suggestion for Cici is to purchase the ticket in advance instead of buying them when we are there at the place. (because she knows my itinerary).
b. Hotel accommodation – Holiday Inn Express Hotel
The hotel is new and very strategic locations to both Metro subway station and shopping malls. Recommended.
c. Tour places.
Cici brought me to all the places as planned and advise me on the timing. She even helped me to bargain on some of the souvenirs that I bought.
Overall, I am happy with the service that had been provided to me. Here I attached some photos of the tour.
Thank you Johan and thank you IslamiChina.

Client Information

Name: Akiff and party 27pax  Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: Hangzhou Suzhou Shanghai Muslim Tour 5 Days 

Time of Traveling: Apr 20 to Apr 24, 2015

Dear Hanna and IslamiChina Agency,
China was simply amazing! Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai are one of the most beautiful and amazing metropolitan city I've been to. The hotels we've checked in were good, clean and the room condition 7 out of 10. The places we went were great as we get to learn the history of the cities we're visiting and the same time enjoying the cool weather of china. It was really excited for us Malaysian to be in sweater all day due to the cool climate. The food was really delicious! We get to eat 10 delicious dishes in each restaurant we went. The stop for lunch and dinner was really excited as we get to eat chinnese food in China - the feeling was simply amazing. Everything were good, but we lack time for shopping. We hope for a longer time for shopping, that would add up the excitement! Overall, China was good, so does the cities, the food were great, hotels were good and the places we visited give us a lot of knowledge and experiences. 8 out 10 for the trip!!
Many thanks

Client Information

Name: Nabeel   Nationality: UK

Itinerary: Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xian, Beijing Tour 11 Days 

Time of Traveling: Apr 06 to Apr 16, 2015

Good morning Johan and Hanna
Mr Afzal and family returned last week, and I’m happy to say they thoroughly enjoyed their trip. The food they said was great, and the guides were excellent. Thank you for taking extra care of these guests, and going forward happy to use the same guides and restaurant options as a framework for similar clients.
One negative they mentioned was at the Sophia Hotel, where they were asked to pay for their son’s breakfast. The hotel were not allowing the child to dine at breakfast. Other than that, all was fine.
In fact, they would like to enquire about a return trip, this time they would like to explore Lahsa and Chengdu. They only have 7 nights (arrival August 2016), and if you could suggest an itinerary to include Lahsa, Chegdu and maybe the Yangtze and Three Gorges Dam would be great. Again for 2 adults and 2 children (the elder one would actually just turned 12 then).
Many thanks

Client Information

Name: Norshida Binti Idris   Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: Beijing Muslim Tour 7 Days 

Time of Traveling: Mar 13 to Mar 19, 2015

Salam hanna,
This is some of our feedback on our previous trip.
1)  tour guide.
     We are glad and satisfy with michale and the way he handle our group. 
    1) have patient if so need to wait for quite some time to ensure everybody 
          Is ready and prepared. ( no rushing2 and all are happy)
    2) arrange the itirenary so smooth esp on places and we can enjoy at all places, have time for photos yet not miss even one place that we had agreed in
       Much much earlier plan before came to beijing.
    3) arrange extra show and we don mind buy ticket since have extra time and the show is superb ! ( glad he did that)
    4) bring us to shops that are reasonable pricing and much more for health purpose . Wow such a blessing for us. We love those shops and products.
    5) we so thankful  michale make an effort to bring us pray at mosques mostly everyday ! Syukur alhamdullillah. We even have time shop some muslim product nearby mosque. Its so great.
2) hotel .
The hotel is nice and clean.
Only that it will be better if they can add varities in breakfast plus some if possible international menu. 
(Imagine visitor have to eat almost same menu every morning)
The retail dry food shop in the hotel really helps . We can buy mineral water , some pack sweet drinks , fresh fruits etc. 
Add more muslim product if possible. 
3) Driver
Our driver is superb. We are satisfy the way  he handle the bus esp in traffic jam. 
4) Meals
Regarding meals , yes we are so grateful varieties of restoran that michale and ict arrange for us. Varieties of taste.
We are glad he bring us eat western food as well.
5) communication with ICT sales pp
We would like to give 5 star for ict fast respond and communication. Fast respond is one of the reason we choose to travel with ict. Keep it up.
We are also satisfy esp hanna and johan for their cooperation in difficulties matter such as itirenary and pricing.
Also keep it up. Hanna , Your patience in responding emails and answering questions had help us a lot. It will help others too.
6) suggestion and advise
Our suggestion , your co. Can go big in ASEAN muslim market. Your ict pp, itirenary , meals and tourist guide are excellent.
Sincerely it is much2 better compare to some of  our beijing trip with non muslim travel agency before although it is under muslim tour. Its different.
ICT can promote your package at our local tourism fare . 
ICT can Work together closely with malaysia muslim travel agency.
Besides travel agency , you can help to promote beijing muslim products in our country.
Besides web , keep promoting your great ict in ASEAN country and grow BIG !
Wish your co. All the best and love to see our muslims grow in all over the world.

Client Information

Name: Juneita Binte Juma'at   Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: Beijing Shanghai Muslim Tour 6 Days Plus 2 Nights Extension

Time of Traveling: Dec 13 to Dec 20, 2014

Salam Hanna
Sorry for the very late reply.
Please find enclosed our feedback on the following:
Communication with ICT sales person - Generally, the response is very fast and the information that was asked for is very informative.
Tour guide - In Beijing, Tracy is a very friendly and accommodating tour guide.  She is very knowledgeable and goes out of her way to help us. Her explanation is very clear and we have no problem understanding her.
In Shanghai, Kevin is also very accommodating and friendly.  He is very helpful and even helped us buy drinks outside of our restaurant during our dinner.  He even taught us to converse in Mandarin when ordering food!
Driver - Both the drivers in Beijing and Shanghai are very safe, competent and punctual.
Hotel - the hotels in both Beijing and Shanghai were great! We were generally happy with the location, service and breakfast menu. But we do enjoy our Beijing hotel stay as the location is great.
Meals - Meals in Beijing and Shanghai are good and in abundance! However, it will be good if the meals in Shanghai were prepared beforehand as we had to wait for some time before dinner was ready on our first night there.
Suggestions - Overall, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly as a family.  However, there are some points that we wish to highlight.
The tour on the first day when we were brought to the Herbal Medicine Shop. The owners were quite pushy in asking us to buy their products.  When we turned them down politely, they were quite upset.  In the end, we purchased some medicine which we have no use for.
We appreciate Tracy's effort in ensuring our comfort and general well being during our stay in Beijing.  We are deeply touched by her warmth and friendliness.
Many thanks for making our stay enjoyable in China!
regards and wassalam