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Wuhan Kebab Kingdom Restaurant

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 Wuhan Kebab Kingdom Restaurant

Cuisine: Turkish, Inidan & Pakitani food

Add: No. 53, Culture Street of CCNU, Hongshan District, Wuhan
Tel: 027-87880981 

Hours: 11:00 to 21:00

Special thanks to Brother Tamer Desouky for submitting info of Wuhan Kebab Kingdom Restaurant!

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  • KEBAB KINGDOM has been set up in January 2010 by 4 students to provide a cheap, reliable takeaway and delivery service to the growing number of foreign students in Wuhan.
    Our dishes are a fusion of 40% Turkish and 60% of Indian-Pakistani Dishes and all of our food is HALAL.
    The origins of the terms “shawarma” and “döner kebab” are very similar. Shawarma comes from the Turkish term “çevirme”, which means‘turning something’, while “döner” means ‘turning itself.’
    In the past century, the rotisserie did not turn itself;someone was turning it, so Turks called it 'çevirme.’ But nowadays, it turns itself so Turks called it 'döner' whereas Arabs continued using the old Turkish term “shawarma.”
    Adding the word “Kebab” (grilled meat in Turkish), means that “döner kebab” simply means “turning grilled meat.”
    This said, there are no differences between shawarma and döner kebab except those that individuals have created.  
    At KEBAB KINGDOM we use the simple word KEBAB to represent both the shawarma and döner kebab. Our Kebabs are delicious marinated androasted chicken slices served in a 25cm fresh French baguette filled with lettuce, onions and carrots and marvelously topped with mayonnaise, tomato sauce and sweet sour chilli sauce.
    At KEBAB KINGDOM it is our desire to create an upbeat and relaxing atmosphere. We would like you to visit us often and feel free to drop-in and relax with a snack or dessert or a soothing cup of tea and gossip with your friends.
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