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American Muslim Group Praying at Xian Great Mosque

American Muslim Group Visiting Mosques in Linxia, Gangsu Province

American Muslims Praying with Chinese Muslims at Xian Great Mosque

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 2

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 3

IMANA Group Cruising the Li River in Guilin

IMANA Group Visiting the Garden of the Master of Nets in Suzhou

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Client Information

Name: Mohammad Farooqui   Nationality: USA

Itinerary: Beijing Muslim Tour 4 Days

Time of Traveling: Mar 19 to Mar 22, 2009

We thank ICT for arranging such a wonderful trip for us in Beijing. Everything for very nicely organized during our 4 days stay over there. In fact all credit goes to Mr.Musa who was all the time so kind and loving plus very knowledgeable. My family was really very much thank full to Mr.Musa for all his kindness for us. Your company is really so lucky to have such nice fellows like him. Thanks to ICT once again.


Client Information

Name: Suraya   Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: Shanghai Suzhou Muslim Tour 4 Days

Time of Traveling: Apr 5 to 8, 2009

Salam Johan,
We had a fantastic time in Shanghai! It’s just too bad it is massively under construction and perhaps will again visit shanghai after the makeover by 2010. Loved the food especially the barbequed lamb on a stick.
About the pics, do you want the views or the people. Mind you that I am not a professional photographer and mostly they are the snap-n-shoot method.
If you are ok, here are some for you to sample.

Client Information

Name: Qasim Yunus   Nationality: Saudi Arabia

Itinerary: Historic Beijing & the Great Wall Tour

Time of Traveling: April 03, 04, 2009

Walikum Assalam Johan,
How are you doing? I came from China yesterday and in addition to Shanghai also had the pleasure of visiting Hangzou.
The Beijing trip was fine, in fact I would say very good and enjoyable.  Your website in particular made our stay very convenient with the list of Halal restaurants and masjids guiding us to our prayers and meals.
You are welcome to use my pictures but i use high resolution camera so it will take a long time for people accessing the website to download the pictures. 
I appreciate your asking my feedback.  Very positive sign for a business to ask for feedback and confirms your intent to serve with quality and not just to serve.  My reviews are as follows:
The trips were well planned in timing and execution. The meals were very enjoyable and each restaurant was an enriching experience for us, the quality of food was good in taste and quantity. The guide is a very committed individual who looks after the interest of the customer and is very polite.  We found him to be of very pleasing personality and we thoroughly enjoyed his company and would love to have him as our guide again.  Improvement area for him are English speaking skills and recommend that he is accurate on some of the facts about the sites. For example, he mentioned that half to 1 billion people died while building and maintaining the great wall.  Based on the internet and China sites about 2-3 million lost their lives in building and maintaining the great wall.  I strongly recommend that all guides of your company should use the same facts and figures and they should be from websites approved by you.  It would look very professional on the part of your company if the guide gives a small write-up each day about the sites visited that day.  Further elaboration of these facts and explanation is then provided by the guide.
As a company you need to be very clear and what is and is not included in the tour.  For example, great wall is good example.  We had complete information about what is included in the cost and what we are missing.  When we reached the wall we were so tired that we decided to go for the cable car at our cost. The same should be your standard for all the tour sites including the Summer palace etc.
Overall, we are very happy to have made the right choice of using your company. We will certainly recommend you to our friends traveling to China.
I hope the review was helpful. If you require any clarification please do contact me. 

Client Information

Name: Rosslee Bin Wahid   Nationality: Malaysia & Irland

Itinerary: Beijing Xian Muslim Tour

Time of Traveling: From Dec 27, 2008 to Jan 02, 2009

I am amazed at how Islam has managed to flourish in China and appreciate the opportunity of being able to visit your country and experience its wonderful history through your efforts.  Both Musa (Beijing) and Grace (Xian) were exceptionally knowledgeable and had a wealth of information to share with us, which was especially beneficial to my son who is studying Chinese history in university. Musa is a pleasant, patient and kind man who goes out of his way to make your trip enjoyable. He is an example to us all of how a Muslim should be. Grace is a professional and takes pride in her work and her country. She was patient and respectful of the time we took to pray. 
While returning with a wealth of knowledge and a few kilos heavier from the wonderful food, we also had a few kilos extra from unscheduled pit stops for Chinese medicine, silk, etc.  I am hoping the medicine will work and we will be healthier in a few months, but to give credit where it is due, they were able to pinpoint some medical conditions that we had. It was interesting to see how silk, jade, Chinese tea is made, etc. but we weren’t prepared for the sales pitches each time. Perhaps the tour guides can let you know in advance what to expect and which one you would be interested in, etc. All the restaurants we went to were excellent and it will be hard to find Chinese food as delicious as they were. The hotel in Beijing was cozy but the breakfast was disappointing as we expected something special from a halal restaurant. The drivers were excellent and deserve medals for their patience and driving skills in Beijing; and although they didn’t speak English, they were very friendly. 
Overall, we had a wonderful trip even though the temperature was below zero. We thank you all for your efforts and for making it possible for Muslims to enjoy your country. We are already telling our friends all about it and will be happy to refer them to you. May ALLAH bless you and your families!



Client Information

Name: Shamsinar Shaari    Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: Beijing Xian Muslim Tour

Time of Traveling: from Dec 25, 2008 to Jan 02, 2009

Assalamualaikum Johan,
Alhamdulillah we arrived home on time, very much overweight. I had to plead with the airport staff not to insist on making me pay 2800 yuan for excess luggage. Fortunately she agreed that I pay only 600 yuan! We really did our bit for the economy of Beijing and Xian.
A little bit of feedback and critique for your company:
1) Hotels both in Xian and Beijing were very good.We had a bit of problem in Xian but fortunately Linda the guide you assigned to us helped resolved it well.J essica also helped us settle in the hotels quite fast
2) Meals were so much better in Xian. Linda went really out of her way to introduce the cuisine of the locals in Xian. There was enough for the 12 of us and generally we were really well taken care off in Xian. Meals in Beijing were not as good. They tend to be rather salty and the portions were much smaller than what we had in Xian. Furthermore, the menu tended to be almost the same unless we requested for different dishes which most time we had to.
3) Linda in Xian was excellent as a guide. She was very enthusiastic about wanting to show us and tell us as much as she could about Xian. It was really good and the whole group was very pleased because we learnt a lot about the history of Xian and the silk road and about all the emperors and the dynasties that made Xian its capital. Her love for the city really showed and was quite contagious. We definitely will recommend her to our friends if they are looking for a good guide in Xian.
We had less historical info in Beijing. Perhaps it was because Jessica was 3 months in the family way and may have been quite exhausted by the time we finished each day. We actually would have liked to have a lot more info on the history of Beijing and of course more data. (I could make the comparisons because this was my 3rd visit to Beijing whereas this was the first for the rest and they really would have liked to get more info on the city.)No matter we still had a fantastic time in Beijing.
4) The only other feedback that I can give is that perhaps in our next trip we need to remember to request for special meals ie Muslim or vegetarian for the internal flights.
5) The buses and the drivers were excellent too.
Will send you the pictures soon when my son or my daughters have time to help me send them to you. Please take the feedback and the critique the way it is meant to be taken ie for the purpose of improvements.
InsyaAllah we will go again to Beijing and the other cities but this time we will want to do it in Spring or Autumn to enjoy the beauty and colour of that season. We hope Islam China Tours will still want to give us the honour to manage our tours again.
Thank you again for the wonderful holiday we had in China and most of all a special thank you to you for making the arrangements and for making the tour a wonderful one for my family.
Thank you