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American Muslim Group Praying at Xian Great Mosque

American Muslim Group Visiting Mosques in Linxia, Gangsu Province

American Muslims Praying with Chinese Muslims at Xian Great Mosque

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 2

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 3

IMANA Group Cruising the Li River in Guilin

IMANA Group Visiting the Garden of the Master of Nets in Suzhou

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Client Information

Name: Ruslina Mohd Lazim    Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: 5 Days Beijing Muslim Tour

Time of Traveling: from Dec 22 to Dec 26, 2008

Assalamualaikum Mr Yusof Ma. 
I thank you very much for your fast action that made our trip to Beijing recently very enjoyable. Your guide Da Wang is very helpful and knowledgeable. My family and I enjoyed very much our trip, especially to Great Wall, my husband and my two sons managed to climb to the top. We might consider going there again. Thank you for your cooperation.


Client Information

Name: Dr. Riyaz Anzari    Nationality: India, currently residing in Dubai, UAE

Itinerary: 5 Days Beijing Muslim Tour

Time of Traveling: From Dec 05 to Dec 10, 2008-12-15

Dear Johan/ Yousif,
Please accept my heartiest, warm wishes to you, Mr. Yousif and Mr. Moosa for making our trip to Beijing a memorable one!. We really enjoyed the China’s traditions & culture. China is surely the world best place to live and you guys going to be the world leaders in all aspects very shortly. My wishes to all.
My family enjoyed curtsey extends to us by Mr. Moosa. He is best man ever I know. He is too humble, focused and service oriented. He is truly a brother, who took care of us well. May Allah reward him here & after. Our Eid Al Adha prayer was a memorable one!
Insha- Allah, I will be promoting your company within UAE for the families who want to visit China. Please convey my best regards to Mr. Moosa & his daughter Ms. Zara. I even personally invited him to Dubai too. I may request you to send us Mr. Moosa’s bank account number & Bank address for sending him a gift.
We have traveled many places in the world, This is truly memorable trip. May Allah bless you all.


Client Information

Name: Novia     Nationality: UK

Itinerary: Beijing Xian Hangzhou & Shanghai (tailor-made)

Time of Traveling: Jun 11, 2008

Good to hear from you again as I just about to email.
Firstly, me and my family that was in the trip would sincerely say thank you for the excellent tour and an amazing journey. As a whole, we're really happy and satisfied with the tour from the accomodation, guiding, meals, etc. We'll definitely recommend IslamiChina company to anybody that wanted to experience China and seriously when any of our friends/relatives going to China I'll ask them to contact your company. Thumbs up!!
Few details that worth to mentioned,
- The best hotel we like is New Henderson in Xian, very spacious room with excellent choices   of food during breakfast.
- The second best hotel we like is Hong Ye Hotel in Shanghai, good size room and hotel   staffs but very little choice on the food during breakfast.
- The least hotel we like is Braim Seasons Hotel in Hangzhou, the room is quite small, air-  conditioned not function properly which at night can be very hot esp. warm air trapped in   the small room (we've inform the hotel about this unfortunalty the same problem still   occur), however we're satisfied with the breakfast.
Tour guide
- Mr. John tour guide in Hangzhou/Shanghai is an asset to your company; very knowlegable,   dedicated, helpful, friendly and I must say one of the best tour guide I've encounter   after travelling to many countries.
- Ms. Zoe in Beijing is also a great tour guide!
- Ms. Lily in Xian is also good but she is quite quiet person.
Overall, meals is gooood, delicious and excellent choices. However, we didnt get our lunch in Xian on the second day as our flight is at 1.30pm, arrived at Hangzhou and after checkin to hotel straight away went to early dinner at around 5pm. Just a small suggestion maybe next time, the flight time can be extended to around 3 or 4 pm (after lunch) and dinner in Hangzhou can be done around 7 - 8pm.
Lastly, could you please give me your, Mr. John, Ms. Zoe and Ms. Lily correspondence address? I would like to sent a thank you card.
All you helps is very much appreciated and may Allah grant you the best deeds.
Many thanks
best regards


Client Information

Name: Mohammad Juani     Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: 5 Days Beijing Muslim Tour

Time of Traveling: Oct, 2007

We would like to thank specially to Hj Musa for his hospitality and helpful during our visit to Beijing. May Allah bless him and his family. And not to forget to his son Mubarak.


Client Information

Name: Firoza     Nationality: South Africa

Itinerary: Best of China Muslim Tour (Shanghai/Suzhou/Hangzhou/Xian/Beijing)

Time of Traveling: July, 2007

The trip was very very good. the guides were all very good, and taking example of Mr. moosa, the guides easily got to know the groups temperament and were very much part of the group the hotels were all above standard, and so were the meals. i do not think there was anything negative about the whole tour. i for one will definitely call on you when fellow South Africans wish to visit china, and will be in touch with your company. Once again, a very big thank you to you all and all your staff
kind regards