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Hangzhou Botanical Garden
Introducing Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Hangzhou Botanical Garden Travel Guide
Article from Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Tourism
One of the best in China, Hangzhou Botanical Garden stretches from the Jade Spring Park to Lingyin Temple. Hangzhou Botanical Garden covers an area of 247 hectares. The mild weather, ample rainfall, and unspoilt natural conditions make Hangzhou Botanical Garden an ideal cradle for plant introduction and acclimatization. Holiday-makers love the spot because of Hangzhou Botanical Garden's unique settings, refreshing air, serene surroundings and beautiful wooded environment.
Hangzhou Botanical Garden is divided into two main sections: the research section and the pleasure gardens. The research section is where the cultivation of plants and protection of the environment are being studied. The pleasure gardens are divided into gardens including the Botany Classification Garden, Botany Appreciation Garden, Bamboo Garden, Garden of Economic Plants, Plant Resources Museum, and the Medicinal Garden.
Hangzhou Botanical Garden is famous for the scene of Lingfeng Tanmei, which literally means enjoying Mume Blossoms along Lingfeng Peak. As we know, Hangzhou Botanical Garden is home to over 5,000 aged plum trees made up of 50 species. Standing upright and gracefully, they are mainly distributed along Lingfeng Peak, which is a prominent part of this park. When winter comes, these winter-sweet plum trees will burst out dazzling blossoms in hue of scarlet red, pink white and even green and black. During this time, the air is heavy with the fragrance of Mume flower, while Lingfeng is surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colorful Mei flowers.
Quick Facts on Hangzhou Botanical Garden
• Name: Hangzhou Botanical Garden
• Location: No.1, Taoyuan Ling, Hangzhou
• Phone: +86-571-87961908
• Best Time to Visit: April to May; September to October; December to March
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
• Opening Hours: 7:00-17:30
• Admission Fee: CNY 10 (Adult Ticket); CNY 10 (Children Ticket)
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