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As the residual part of Tianmu Mountains, Mogan Mountain is situated in Deqing County, Zhejiang Province. Legend has it that this is the place where Moye and his wife Ganjiang cast their famous swords. The elevation of the highest peak Tower Hill in the mountain range is 758 meters above sea level. The scenery is very beautiful and it is reputed as the Elegant and Beautiful Resort in the Sun. Mogan Mountain is famous for its four features (coolness, grassiness, clearness and tranquility) and three peculiarities (bamboos, spring water and clouds), and it is reputed as the Cool and Refreshing World and the No. 1 Mountain to the South of the Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River. It is therefore called one of the four best summer resorts in China (the other three summer resorts are Lushan Mountain, Beidai River and Jigong Mountain). It is 60 kilometers away from the southeastern city of Hangzhou and 200 kilometers away from the northeastern city of Shanghai. Its temperature is 6-7°C lower than those of Shanghai City and Hangzhou City.
Mogan Mountain has a development history of more than 2,000 years. Its natural landscape is particular. With thriving bamboos, towering Japanese firs and Song-Dynasty maidenhair trees, the springs and waterfalls here and there, vegetation covers about 92% of the surface of Mogan Mountain.
The climate of Mogan Mountain has plenty of rain and mist, and the fog after rain is particularly wonderful and beautiful: the part below the mountainside is wrapped in cloud and mist, the top of the Tower Hill is floating on the cloud, just like the island in the sea or the castle in the air.
The central scenic spots of Mogan Mountain include the Tower Hill, Zhonghua Hill, Jinjia Hill, Wuji Hill, Mogan Hill and Paotai Hill, etc. Visitors can appreciate not only the sunrise and the sea of clouds, but also the waterfalls and the clear springs. The human culture and the landscape of Mogan Mountain are rich and colorful, and it was once known as the Watery Region and Buddhist Kingdom during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Hundreds of villas were built within scope of the resort greenery and thriving bamboos in the last years of the Qing Dynasty and early years of the Republic of China. These villas have different styles and Mogan Mountain is therefore reputed as the Architecture Museum of the World.
Quick Facts on Mogan Mountain
• Name: Mogan Mountain
• Location: 10km from Hangzhou
• Phone: +86-572-8412345
• Best Time to Visit: June to November
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours
• Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00
• Admission Fee: CNY 100 (May 1 to 3; July 1 to Aug 31; Oct 1 to 7); CNY 50 (during December,January and February); CNY 80 (at other times)
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