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Hangzhou Hupao Springs
Introducing Hangzhou Hupao Spring, Hangzhou Hupao Spring guide, Hangzhou Hupao Spring Travel Guide
Article from Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Tourism
The hills and vales of West Lake have nurtured many springs, among which Hupao Spring, Dragon Well Spring and Jade Spring are the most famous. Ranking as the third best spring in China, Hangzhou Hupao Spring takes its name from the legend of an eminent monk from Tang Dynasty (618-907) who came here in 819.
Fascinated by the unspoiled surroundings, he planned to build a temple in the Hupao Valley. However, because of the lack of drinking water, he almost decided to move to a new site. One night, in his dream, a beautiful fairy told him that two tigers would come to his rescue from thousands of miles away. When he woke up in the morning, he went out and saw two tigers clawing the ground until spring water bubbled up. Hence, the spring is called Hangzhou Hupao Spring.
In ancient times this beautiful spot with its mystical touch was made known as Tiger Spring and Celestial Trace and is one of the 24 scenes of Hangzhou.
A trip to Hangzhou Hupao Spring won’t be complete if you do not taste a cup of Longjing Tea brewed with spring from its well. Partly due to Hangzhou Hupao Spring's pure water and its fame, tea aficionados keep thronging to this tranquil site.
Quick Facts on Hangzhou Hupao Spring
• Name: Hangzhou Hupao Spring
• Location: No.39, Hupao Road, Hangzhou
• Phone: +86-571-87981900
• Best Time to Visit: March to September
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
• Opening Hours: 6:00-18:30
• Admission Fee: CNY 15
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