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Jinyun Mountain

Jinyun Mountain: General Introduction

Jinyun Mountain is located on Beibei District, Chongqing City. Jinyun Mountain was formed 70,000,000 years ago due to the Yanshan Movement. There are nine peaks in total scattered from the north to the south, such as Chaori Peak,Xianglu Peak, Shizi Peak and Juyun Peak etc. Among them, Yujian Peak is the highest and Shizi Peak is the most splendid.

Jinyun Mountain is also a national natural reserve. The climate in the mountain is mild and humid, which is a suitable environment for plants. There are over 1,700 kinds of subtropical plants in Jinyun Mountain, including sloanea sinensis, gingko and bretschneidera sinensis etc. Besides, Jinyun Mountain is also the home of metasequoia which is called the stone fossil in vegetable kingdom.

Additionally, Jinyun Mountain is also a holy land of Buddhism. There are many temples here and Jinyun Temple is the most famous one. Jinyun Temple is situated between Shizi Peak and Juyun Peak. It was built in the Southern Dynasty and came to its prosperity in Song Dynasty. Due to the chaos in Ming Dynasty, the temple was ruined. The currentJinyun Temple was rebuilt in Qing Dynasty.

Jinyun Mountain Travel Tip:

Admission Fee: CNY15

Opening Hours: 08:30-16:30

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