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Chongqing Transportation
Chongqing is located to the east of Sichuan Basin, and the city is surrounded by continuous mountains. However, the transportation here is well-developed. Jiangbei International Airport connectsChongqing with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities inChina. Besides, it also has international lines to Nagoya, Seoul andBangkok. What’s more, Cheng-Yu Railway and Chuna-Qian Railway meet in Chongqing, which greatly enhances the traffic capacity of this city.
Getting to Chongqing by Air
Chongqing International Airport is situated on Lianglu Town, Jiangbei District. As one of the three important pivots in Southwest China, Jiangbei International Airport opened direct lines to European countries first in the west region. It is a civil airport with 4E level. At present, the airport has more than 50 domestic and international airlines.
Getting to Chongqing by Train
Chongqing Railway Station is also called Caiyuanba Railway Station. It is located on Caiyuanba, 3 kilometers west of Yangtze River Bridge. The trains stopping at Chongqing Railway Station are mainly on Jing-Hu Line, Jjing-Bao Line, lines to Northeast China and international lines. Chongqing Railway Station is the top grade station in China.
Getting to Chongqing by Long Distance Bus
Chongqing is a key transportation pivot in West China. As a mountainous city, the public roads in Chongqing are narrow; however it has no effect on the well-developed highway system. Due to those highways, Chongqing is closely connected with the nearby regions such as Guizhou Province, Sichuan Province and Hunan Province.
Getting around Chongqing by City Bus
Chongqing is one of the cities in China without bicycle. Although there are transportation forms like light rails, cableways and ferries, buses are the major transport form. At present, Chongqing city has over 120 bus lines, including 27 mini-bus lines and 5 trolley lines. The ticket fare differs according to the bus types. Usually, the ticket fare is 1 yuan for ordinary buses.
Getting around Chongqing by Taxi
There are two kinds of taxis in Chongqing: the yellow taxis and the white taxis. The former type accounts for 80% and the latter type 20%. In daytime, the starting fare for white taxis is 7 yuan (3 kilometers), and the starting fare for yellow taxis is 5 yuan (3 kilometers). When exceeding 3 kilometers, the price will be 1.8 yuan/km for the white taxis and 2.4
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