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Kashgar Overview

Kashgar locates on the western part of China. As early as 2100 years ago, it had been a transportation hub linking the west and the east. Thus Kashgar has been a famous political, economic, cultural and transportation center on the south region of Tianshan Mountain.

Kashgar is a city with many nationalities, such as Uighur, Han, Tajik,Kirgiz and Uzbek etc. Those various ethnic groups interact as well as influence each other, which forms the unique ethnic lifestyle of Kashgar.

Kashgar locates on the temperature zone of dry continental climate. Due to its complicate terrains, the climates in Kashgar differ widely in different areas. Generally, there are five climate regions, namely, plain, desert, highland, Pamirs and Mt. Kunlun climate regions. The city proper locates on the plain climate area, which features four distinct seasons. The summer is longer while the winter is shorter. As to the temperature, the annual mean temperature is 11.7 ℃, with the highest at 49.1 ℃ and the lowest at -24.4 ℃.

The transportation in Kashgar is well developed. The Airport situates on the northwest of this city and it is 9 kilometers away from the proper city. Apart from domestic lines, the airport also has regular international flight routes. The transportation network within the city is convenient too; however, the public transportation means in surrounding area are limited.

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