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Kashgar History

The Kashgar region today was called Shule, Renru and Shufu in ancient time. In the late Qin and early Han period, the whole region was under the rule of the Hun people. Later in 119 BC, Zhangqian entered into this region when he served as an envoy on the West Regions. At that time, the Kashgar region was controlled by Han dynasty. In 60 BC, the government of Han established West Region Frontier Command Headquarters in Xinjiang and Kashgar became a city in Han dynasty officially.

After the reign of Emperor Tangtaizong, this area had become an important military strongpoint of Tang dynasty. In Five Dynasty and Song dynasty, the region was controlled by Kelahan Kingdom and West Liao successively. Then in Qianlong Kingdom, the region became the seat of the Kashgar Diplomatic Officer. In 1971, the current Kashgar city was established.

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