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Kashgar Shopping

The handicrafts in Kashgar have enjoyed great reputation in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The local products are not only various but also characterized by local cultures. The beautiful local Xinjiang Uyghur style carpet, the elegant flower-tripped bonnet and exquisite ornament are always considered to be the best souvenirs by visitors. The shopping district around Idkah Mosque is the most prosperous shopping places. Sunday is no day of rest but Kashgar’s busiest, and the city empties as residents and visitors join rivers of arrivals from neighbouring areas flowing to the Sunday Great Bazaar. At Sunday Great Bazaar, you can buy Chinese boom boxes, Russian optical equipments, gaudy fabrics, spices, foodstuffs, medicines, baskets and woven screens, shoes, boots, hats, brass, knives, dishes, pots, pans, all sorts of things that you can think of.

Traditional Uygur Carpet

The traditional Uygur Carpet is one of the local handicrafts in Kashgar. The Uygur Carpet is famous for its excellent quality and distinctive style. The Uygur Carpet is excellent in quality, bright in color and varied in pattern. It is not only of utility value but also of artistic value. Many stalls in the Great Bazaar sell the beautiful Uygur Carpet.

Yingjisha Knife

Yingjisha Knife gains the name for its place of production, Yingjisha Town. With a history of 400 years, Yingjisha Knife is a famous traditional handicraft in Kashgar region. The handle of Yingjisha Knife is made of horn, silver, jade or copper. Besides, the local handicraftsmen will carve delicate patterns on the handles. Sometimes, precious stones will be used as decorations. Apart from being a handicraft, Yingjisha Knife is still a practical tool. The local people always use the knife to cut meat or pare melons.

Kashgar Great Bazaar

The Great Bazaar, located on the East Gate in Kashgar, is the largest international trading market in Northwest China. Bazaar is a Uighur word, which means market in Chinese. Kashgar was a famous historical and cultural city on ancient Silk Road in history. What’s more, it was also a distributing center because all the merchants taking way of the Silk Road would pass this city. So far, the Bazaar on Kashgar has a history of more than 2000 years. Once it had been called the largest market in Asia. At present, the Bazaar contains over 5,000 stalls and offers tens of thousands of commodities. In the past, the Bazaar only opened in Sunday. With the development of tourism and commerce, the Bazaar opens daily. However, Sunday is the most bustling day.


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