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Xining Birds Irland

Introducing Xining Birds Island, Xining Birds Island Guide, Xining Birds Island Travel Guide
Edited by Hillary

Xining Birds Island is named after the tens of thousands of migration birds on the island. Xining Birds Island consists of east and west islands. Haixishan (mountain on the west of the sea) is also called Xiaoxishan (small west mountain) where in April each year, albatross, seagulls and numerous other birds arrive here to lay hatch and eggs.

In the birds' laying season there are thousands of birds' eggs on the ground. One kilometer from Haixishan is the Haixipi Island, cormorant is the main type of birds on the island. So it is called "cormorant island". Two islands combine together called Xining Birds Island. The amount of the birds enabled it ranks as the world's densest "kingdom of birds". When the birds are flying, the sky is covered to darkness, which is the awesome picture on Qinghai Lake.

Xining Birds Island is the ideal habitat of those birds because of the island's unique geographical condition and the natural environment. Xining Birds Island is chosen for its flat terrain, mild climate, water-surrounded, tranquil environment and plentiful fish. Those birds are clever enough, they will chose different lands and environment to match their habits and hobbies, then establish an ideal home.

Quick Facts on Xining Birds Island

Name: Xining Birds Island
Location: 280 km from Xining
Best Time to Visit: May to July
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30
Admission Fee: CNY 100 (Apr 16 to Oct 19); CNY 50 (Oct 20 to April 15)
Eco-sightseeing Bus: CNY 15