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Xining History
Xining has played an important role on the development of the civilization in the Yellow River region. The discoveries of Zhujiazhai ruins, Shenna ruins and Xixingyuan ruins prove that this land was the habitat for human beings 4000 or 5000 years ago. Between 121BC and 111BC, the government of West Han dynasty established Xipingting in this region, which marked that Xining entered the territory of West Han officially. During Han dynasty, Xining and its surrounding regions became more and more important in politics, economy, transportation and military. In Three Kingdom Period, Xining belonged to Wei State. In 222, Wei government established Xiping County which had jurisdiction of current Xining City. In the following time, the name of this region had changed several times.
In North Song dynasty, the government established Xining State. In 1912, Xining City was set up officially.
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