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Qinghai Lake

Qinghai lake is China's largest inland salt lake, with an area of 4,456 square km and a perimeter of 360 km, twice the size of Taihu lake in Hubei province. The east and west sides of the lake is long and the south and the north sides of the lake is narrow, looks like the oval shape of  the maple leave.

Since the average daily temperature in the hottest period of summer is only about 15 centigrade, Qinghai Lake is a favorable summer resort.

Qinghai lake, in the ancient was called "west sea", also called "fresh water" or "fresh sea". In Tibetan it was called "Lake Kokonor" which means "blue sea". Since the area around Qinghai Lake was Qiang people's pasture in the past, it was also called "xianbeijianghai"(fresh low Qiang sea), some people in the Han dynasty also called it "god sea". The lake has been named Qinghai since the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Location: 151 km from Xining

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