Guangzhou Canton Tower

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Article from Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Tourism

The 600-metre Canton Tower is the world's highest tower. Canton Tower was completed in September 2009, and boasts a height of 600 meters (the transmitting antenna included) to be the world's highest, surpassing Canada's CN Tower in terms of height. Canton Tower also becomes a new landmark in Guangzhou.

This magnificent high tower stands on the banks of the Pearl River, and has since its completion earned many world titles: the world's highest tower, the longest aerial ladder, the highest revolving restaurant, the highest viewing platform in the open air, and the highest lateral sky wheel. In addition, Canton Tower has the highest 4D cinema, in which people can watch colourful movies at a height of 100-meters.

The Canton Tower is now a significant architectural landmark on the skyline of Guangzhou, with its texture, and slim waist unique in the world. Canton Tower's overall structural beauty provides a sense of permeability, and the texture and inter-woven fabric of the outer tube steel columns, diagonal bracings and rings create a spectacular organic whole. From the relatively moderate gray columns and diagonal bracings to deeper gray circles, and finally to dark gray core tube, the color implements progressively, with a relatively strong sense of hierarchy, so at the day time, the tower gives a visual beauty of being straight, tall and crystal clear.

The new Canton TV Tower can also provides a visual and vivid "air symphony": with its 46 laps of LED lights, each stretching up, drawing out the profile of a beautiful "slender waist"; diagonal bracings, like a living lattice embracing the sky and through its colorful light shows communicating with the passing clouds; with Aviation lights flash alternatively on the 454-meter-high tower's peak, like the jewels on the crown. Three laser lights, whose light range is up to one kilometer, point directly to the three high-rise buildings in Guangzhou – the Citic Tower and the "Twin Towers" such that all three help frame the new entity in Guangzhou, the Pearl River New Town. The lights respond to the spectacular night views of the new axis of the Pearl River New City on the other side of the river. The antenna masts are managed by circuit controls with different fixed colors, so that as long as the public take a look at the spire, they will know what day it is.

The exterior steel structure of the New TV Tower is formed by the 24 columns, diagonal bracings and rings. Compared with a traditional TV transmission tower in the shape of "one pillar with one ball", Guangzhou New TV Tower is unlike any other tower with a smaller ellipse on the top, crossed with a larger ellipse below, through a counter-clockwise rotation of 135 degrees, which then twists into a "slender waist" at the half-way point in its sleek slender tower body. The oval axis of the "slender waist" differs in lengths with the longer one twice the size of the smaller one, whose diameter at the smallest part is only 30 meters.

Quick Facts on Canton Tower

• Name: Canton Tower
• Location: Downtown Guangzhou
• Phone: +86-20-81078200
• Dates: Built in 2010AD
• Best Time to Visit: April to December
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
• Opening Hours: 09:00 to 23:00
• Admission Fee: CNY 150