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Ancestral Temple Of The Chen Family

Chen Clan Temple, also called “Chen Clan Academy”, is located at Zhongshanqi Road. It began to be constructed in Guangxu Fourteenth Year of Qing Dynasty (1888) and completed in Guangxu Twentieth Year (1890).


Chen Clan Temple faces to the south with the back to the north. The main body of the architecture is generally arranged by the central axis. The two sides of the central axis are halls enclosed by auxiliary rooms and corridors. Single buildings are separated by open lanes, connected by long corridors and intervened by six-yards and eight-porches. In the front of the Temple there is a wide courtyard with an eastern yard and a backyard, the floor area totals to 15,000 m2.


Chen Clan Temple, also called Chen Clan Academy, just as its name implies it was a clan temple and an academy of Chen’s family in the seventy-two counties in Guangdong. It is not only the largest one in size, but also the most abundant and representative one of Lingnan folk architecture decoration arts and crafts among the existing clan temples in Guangdong. It is praised as an art treasury of Lingnan architecture and “The Champion Temple in Guangdong”, and famous at home and abroad. In 1920’s it was reported in the German “World Architecture Arts”, Japanese “Lingnan Report” and other foreign publications, and cried up greatly.


Chen Clan Academy is a collection of Lingnan architecture craftworks and decorations and nearly all halls, yards, corridors, doors, windows, fences, walls, ridges and girders demonstrate the super workmanship of “Three Carvings and Three Moldings” of Lingnan architecture, i. e. stone carving, wood carving, brick carving, pottery molding, clay molding, ash molding and iron casting.

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