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Guangzhou Climate


Guangzhou has the subtropical monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is 22, with the highest at 39.1 and the lowest at 0. Guangzhou faces the sea with the hills for a background, thus the weather here is characterized by heavy rainfall and adequate sunshine. It is suitable for the growth of various plants so Guangzhou is an evergreen city and enjoys the reputation of “Flower City.”
Spring in Guangzhou
Spring in Guangzhou (from late February to mid May) is humid, misty, and sometimes cloudy. The ample rainfall and overwhelming humidity during the spring months can be bothersome. The city is soaked by continuous "plum rains" around the turn of March and April - the season of the plum blossoms - when citizens must use dehumidifiers and keep their windows closed against the wetness.
Summer in Guangzhou
Guangzhou has lengthy summers that last for more than five months, usually from late May until early November. The hottest months are July, August and September, when temperatures range from about 25-36°C. High humidity adds to the discomfort. Also, strong convective showers or thunderstorms lasting an hour or two are common during the summer, so don't forget to bring an umbrella with you at all times.
Autumn in Guangzhou
Autumn is supposed to be Guangzhou's best season. It is from November to mid December, when conditions are dry, clear and pleasantly cool.
Winter in Guangzhou
Winter in Guangzhou is from late December to mid February, when it can get quite cold, but due to the city's low latitude, it seldom snows. The rainfall and high humidity, combined with an average temperature of 15-2 °C. The coldest days in Guangzhou are from late January to mid February, falling during the biggest Chinese holiday: the Spring Festival. In winter the Official Flower of Guangzhou, the Kapok, comes into bloom all over the city.



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