Guangzhou Yuexiu Park

Guangzhou Yuexiu Park: General Introduction

Yuexiu Park is one of the earliest parks of Guangzhou and is a large-scale comprehensive park. Early back to Nanyue State of Western Han, Yuexiu Mountain had been the place of interest for people at that time. In the modern times, Sun Yat-sen had brought forward to build Yuexiu Mountain a large park. His wish didn’t come true at that time; YuexiuPark was only a small park instead of a large one. After the liberation of Guangzhou, the people’s government realized his fancy. Now Yuexiu Park is a park that is like in spring all the seasons with undulating hills and jade green trees, fulfilled with the thriving life and green charms of subtropical areas. Besides the kinds of historical relics and remains reserved, the newly built paths in the park extend in all directions connecting every scenic spots together.

Yuexiu Park is a park of mountains. It belongs to the ending ranges of Baiyun Mountain, stretching for 3km from the east to the west with an altitude of over 70ms.Yuexiu Park, connecting with Xiaobei Road at the east, linking to Yingyuan Road at the south and neighboring Huanshi Road at the north and facing North Jiefang Road at the west, can be entered through 7 gates including the front gate, the east gate, the south gate and the north gate. The park has a total area of 928,000 m2 including 7 hills of Yuexiu Mountain, Muke Hill, Changyao Hill, Liyutou Hill and Sweet Osmanthus Hill and Beixiu, Nanxiu and Dongxiu 3 artificial lakes. In the park there are pavilions, towers, lofts and water pavilions and five floor buildings and Zhongshan Monument and Five Goat Stone Statue.  And there are large sports playground, natatorium and art gallery etc. This central park of the city of green trees reaching the sky has been regarded as one of the Eight Sceneries of Guangzhou from the past dynasties, for example it had the title of “Autumn Moon of Yuetai” in Yuan Dynasty, “Pine Wave of Yuexiu” in Ming Dynasty, “Tower of Zhenhai” and “Rolling Hills of Yuexiu” in Qing Dynasty and “Overlook of Yuexiu”, “Tower of Yuexiu”, “New View of Yuexiu” in modern times. Key points of interests and historical spots, folk tales, changeable historical situations and monument architectures make Yuexiu Mountain a history museum and a teaching book. However, the numerous flowers and elegant bamboos pleasing to the eyes and full of Lingnan features all over the mountain make Yuexiu Mountain the heaven of flowers: the simals in early spring, cuckoos in late spring, white yulans in April, golden balsamines and morningstar lily in May, banana shrubs and chrysanthemums in autumn, calyx canthus in cold winter and precious plants with the leading one of cycad. When you stand in the vast lawn of Nanxiu, away from the din of downtown area, taking in fresh air as much as you can, you will feel how relaxed and happy to be with nature. Yuexiu Mountain is a delicate card forGuangzhou. Tourists come to Guangzhou for the first time cannot afford not going to Yuexiu Mountain. We can say without exaggeration that one has not really been to Guangzhou if not goes to Yuexiu Mountain.

Guangzhou Yuexiu Park Travel Tips

Admission Fee: CNY5

Opening Hours: 06:00-21:00

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