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Lanzhou Attractions

Lanzhou was once a major Silk Road staging post which provides visitors with plenty of historical and natural attractions. The scenic spots along the Yellow River are gorgeous. Visitors can fully enjoy themselves by joining the “Yellow River Scenic Route.” where you can see the symbol of Lanzhou: the Statue of Yellow River Mother and Yellow River Waterwheel Park. The architecture of Lanzhou is a combination of the modern and the old, which will impress you by their harmony. In the city proper area, the newly renovated Gansu Provincial Museum and White Pagoda Park are worth visiting. The Binglingsi Grotto is another must see place in Lanzhou. There are 184 caves and niches dating from the Liang (AD502-57) to the Ming (1368-1644). In order to get to Binglingsi Grotto, you need to have a boat trip on the Yellow River which is quite enjoyable while the Yellow River water winds between steep, red, wind-eroded cliffs.

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