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Yellow River Iron Bridge

Lanzhou is the only city with Yellow River flowing across its urban proper. The Yellow River in the city is just like a flying ribbon winding eastward. Built integrately with mountains, rivers and human relics, the 100-mile Yellow River Scenic Route looks like a bunch of bright pearls embedded on such an ribbon on both banks of Yellow river. Rowing on a boat or sheep-skin raft, one can appreciate the dancing reeds on the isles in the river and the migratory birds flying in the air. Bridges designed in different styles, such as Zhongshan Iron Bridge, the “The first Bridge on Yellow River”, links the north and the south across the river. Walking along the south bank, visitors can enjoy the Yellow River Water Wheel and beautiful city statues, which are dotted in the zonal green park named as the “Green Corridor” taking the “Mother Statue of Yellow River” as their representative. In the evening, with the neon lamps glimmering and the fountains spraying, the 100-mile travel route along Yellow River is just like the Milkway in the world and looks more attractive.

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