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Lanzhou Shopping

Lanzhou has a variety of local products, which are the main attractions when you are shopping in Lanzhou. The population in Lanzhou not only includes Han nationality but also other ethnic groups like Tibetans and Muslim Hui people. Therefore, souvenirs in Lanzhou have strong features of both Tibetan and Muslim features. Of course, as a modern city, Lanzhou offers international brands as other cities.

Tao Ink Stone

Tao Ink Stone together with Duan Ink Stone, Xi Ink Stone are three most famous ink stones in China. The material of making the ink stone is from Tao River, hence the name “Tao Ink Stone.” Ever since Song Dynasty, Tao Ink Stone had been well-known in the whole China. The major color of Tao Ink Stone is green. Some may have dark-green water wave shapes, some may have yellow waves and some have red or black dots. Among them, the stone with yellow waves is the most precious. Generally, there are five types of Tao Ink Stones in the markets and their prices range from 40 yuan to 850 yuan. Among all the handicrafts in Lanzhou, the Tao ink stone is the most famous. If you can paint or write with a brush, the Tao Ink Stone will be a very good choice.

Yongdeng Shadow Puppet

Yongdeng Shadow Puppet is the only existing shadow puppet in Lanzhou. Yongdeng Shadow Puppet first popularized in Yongdeng and its nearby counties. In history, it played a vital role in passing down the cultures and social moralities as well as enriching people’s daily life. The settings and props are all made of cowhide or donkey hide. The proportion of images is exaggerated, with big head and long arms. Usually, the man image has big eyes and high forehead, while the women image has curved eyebrows as well as small eyes and mouth. The strong contrasts of the images and colors make Tongdeng Shadow Puppet interesting and pleasing to people’s eye.

Shopping Malls and Department Stores

Apart from shopping districts like Tieluxincun Commercial Area, Nanguan-Xiguan Commercial Area and Central Square,Lanzhou also has a variety of shops and stores. The most distinguished feature is that Lanzhou is the gathering place of various exclusive shops, such as Apple, Triumph, Mondial Aterlier and so on. Meanwhile, visitors can also find souvenir stores and local products shops in this city.

The newly built Lanzhou Rapid Shopping Mall Plaza is compared to Wangfujing Street in Lanzhou. The plaza contains 8 large shopping malls, 2 pedestrian streets and 4 landscape facilities. So far, it is the first large scale shopping center combing shopping, dining and entertainment together in Northwest China. The Rapid Shopping Mall Plaza is located on Donggang East Road. Tourists can get there by Bus No. 131, Bus No. 58 and Bus No. 76.

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