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Tianjin Baxian Mountain

Introducing Tianjin Baxian Mountain, Tianjin Baxian Mountain Guide, Tianjin Baxian Mountain Travel Guide
Article from Tourist Information and Consulting Center of Tianjin

As a national nature reserve and the quartzite hoodoo canyon scenic spot of the national geological park, Tianjin Baxian Mountain, also called Eight-Immortal Mountain, is located at the northeast of Ji County of Tianjin city and is 30 kilometers away from Ji County. Meanwhile, Tianjin Baxian Mountain is the first key nationwide science popularization education base, and is the national firstly ratified forestry demonstration nature reserve. The total area of Tianjin Baxian Mountain is 5360 hectares, and its forest coverage rate reaches above 95%.

As an area with the oldest stratum, the highest terrain, the most mountains, the richest rainfall, the most excellent ecological environment and the most abundant animal and plant resources in Tianjin city, Tianjin Baxian Mountain becomes a natural geological museum, a botanic garden and a large forest oxygen plant. There are valuable Archaean and Proterozoic geological relic wonders in Tianjin Baxian Mountain scenic spot. The natural secondary forest in the scenic spot remains the features of old-growth forest vegetation, and therefore Tianjin Baxian Mountain scenic spot becomes a typical example of the broad-leaved deciduous forest form in the warm temperate zone.

A unique natural landscape is formed thanks to the numerous marvelous peaks, canyons, immense forests, waterfalls, swags, grottos and the like. So Tianjin Baxian Mountain is praised as a fairyland on earth. According to legend, Tianjin Baxian Mountain were attracted by the marvelous peaks and lakes, the immense forests and hidden valleys sheltered by clouds and mist when crossing the sea, and then the Eight Immortals landed on the ground to have a picnic and rest on a two-meter square stone. Thus, the huge stone is named as the Eight-Immortal table, and at the same time the mountain is named as Eight-Immortal Mountain.

Quick Facts on Tianjin Baxian Mountain

• Name: Tianjin Baxian Mountain
• Location: Xiaogang of Xiaying town in Ji County of Tianjin
• Phone: +86-22-22711038
• Best Time to Visit: March to May; September to November
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 4 Hours
• Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00
• Admission Fee: CNY 45