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Great Wall At Huangyaguan

The Huangyaguan Great Wall (Yellow Cliff Pass) is situated in the mountainous area of Ji County in Tianjin City, which is 130 km east of Beijing. Originally constructed in the Northen Qi Dynasty (550-557) and it was repaired by General Qi Jiguang in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The Huangyaguan Great Wall connects the Malanguan Pass in the east in Hebei Province and the General Pass in the east in Beijing City with a total length of 42 kilometers, and 52 watch towers and 14 beacon towers were built along this section. The rock and cliff to the east of the pass are always yellowish at the dusk, hence its name. This section of the wall was restored again between 1984-1986, and opened to the public in 1987. There are 20 watch towers being restored with total length of 3 kilometer.

The Huangyaguan Great Wall was built on an abrupt mountain ridge. Being endowed with both natural beauty and cultural interest, it’s divided into two areas: Huangyaguan Pass and Taipingzhai Mountain Stronghhold.

Huangyaguan Pass This section is 2152 meters long and combined with the Huangya Fortress, the water pass, watch towers, the frontier cities, the Bagua Castle, as well as military facilities. The defense system of the wall is still intact. The Phoenix Fortress, located in the north of the pass, was one of the beacon towers left from ancient times to deliver message in case of emergency. The Bagua Castle was built on the idea of Eight Diagrams, which come from the ancient philosopy, the Book of Changes. Even the enemy could break into the pass, they would easily got lost and attacked by the soldiers. A Great Wall Museum and Forest of Steles were established when the restoration was going in 1980s.

Six miles northwest of Huangyaguan Pass and built 400-500 meters above sea level, the stronghold is located in Xiaopingan Village. There are 6 watch towers along the 873-meter-long mountain ridge. It controls the Chongshan Valley east of Huangyaguan Pass. The Widow Tower was built in the western end of this section. It is said that 12 wives contributed their smart money to build a watch tower when they came here to find their husbands were dead.   A rock statue of Qi Jiguang was erected here in memory of his great work to defend the captial. Taiping Mountain Stronghold.

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