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Ancient Culture Street

Tianjin Ancient Culture Street is composed of simulation of small shops in the Qing Dynasty. Taking Tian Hou Temple of Yuan Dynasty as the center, the Culture Street is located at the northeast corner of Tianjin Nankai District, outside the east gate, in the west bank of Haihe River, reaches the northeast corner on the north, located in the downtown area, started from Laotieqiao Main Street (Gongbei Street), faces Haihe River on the east, reaching Shuige Main Street on the south (Gongnan Street). There is a memorial archway at the North corner and the South corner separately, writes "hometown of Jinmen " and "Art Gallery of Gushang", 687 meters long and 5 meters wide. Here is a shopping mall, also the gathering place for the ancient ritual of sacrificing to the god of the sea and for the entertainment of the boatman. In the past it was destroyed and now some parts of the Culture Street are restored, including Tian Hou Temple, Gongbei Street, Gongnan Street. Tian Hou Temple, commonly known as "the Queen of Heaven Palace", is the main tourism item on the ancient culture street.

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