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Tianjin Transportation

Tianjin has become a well-developed hub with a sea-land-air transportation network. Tianjin Harbor is the largest manual harbor in China having business with over 300 ports of more than 170 countries and regions with 75 berths. Among them, there are 48 deepwater berths with 10 thousand tons. In 1997, its annual loading and unloading capacity is 67.89 million tons and it's in the front raw of China for the container capacity and loading and unloading capacity of groceries. Tianjin is the junction of the rail lines of Beijing-Shandong, Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Harbin, so Tianjin is the transportation junction of railway in North China.

Getting to Tianjin by Air

Tianjin Binhai International Airport is not only for the passenger planes but also is the largest air freight center inNorth China with dozens of international and national airlines. There are over 400 highways with more than 4000 kilometers. A city highway net has been built with 3 circulation circles and 14 centralized lines. The main railway lines, as Beijing-Harbin, Tianjin-Chongqing, Beijing-Fuzhou, Beijing-Zibo, Beijing-Datong etc. are all passing through Tianjin.

Getting to Tianjin by Train

Tianjin has a number of passenger transport railway stations, the largest three of which are Tianjin Railway Station (namely East Railway Station), West Railway Station and North Railway Station. Close to Tianjin Xingang Port, there is the Tanggu Railway Station located in Binhai New District.

Getting around Tianjin by City Bus

Tianjin city-bus operates regular routes which include inner city and suburban lines. If you take an inner city bus route, you will pay CNY1 for twelve kilometers (about 7.5 miles) or less and CNY1.5 for more. If you take a suburb line you have to pay CNY1 for the first ten kilometers (about 6.2 miles) and CNY0.5 for each extra five kilometers (about 3.1 miles).

Getting around Tianjin by Taxi

Taxi service in Tianjin is like any other cities in China, convenient sometimes, difficult to get one sometimes. You can easily find taxies with makes of Toyota Corolla, VW Santana, VW Jetta or others at or around airport, railway station, hotels and tourist attractions. The flat rate fare is CNY8 for all taxi types; while the distance surcharge varies from CNY1.5–2 per additional kilometer according to the make of taxi.



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