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Hohhot Attractions

The name of Hohhot in Mongolian means "Blue City." The color blue in Mongolian culture is associated with the sky, eternity and purity. Hohhot is a city with a rich cultural background and it is known for its historical sites and temples and is one of the major tourist destinations of Inner Mongolia. The typical life in the grassland in Hohhot may be the biggest attraction to visitors. Near Hohhot there are two well known grasslands namely Xilamuren Grassland and Gegentala Grassland. Drinking the milk tea, riding the horses on the grassland and spending nights in a yurt are most attractive. The natural sceneries as well as cultural and historic attractions in Hohhot are beautiful and fantastic. The Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, Dazhao Monastery, Five Pagoda Temple and Zhaojun’s Tomb are highly suggested on your travel route. In brief, this city is a wonderful place for people to get relaxed.

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