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Hohhot Shopping

Hohhot has numerous shopping stores ranging from department stores and shopping plazas to small shops. They offer various kinds of goods, including the local products as well as international brands. Among them, the local traditional products should not be missed on your shopping route, such as the Mongolian knives and carpets, cashmere, Balin tone and Mongolian metalwork.

Inner Mongolia Wool Carpet

The Inner Mongolia Wool Carpet is made of local wool and colored with natural mineral and plant dyes and it is featured by delicate patterns, natural colors and soft feel. Currently, there are 10 types of carpet in Inner Mongolia, including artistic tapestry, Han Dynasty Carpet etc. The development of Inner Mongolian Wool Carpet was closed connected with Lamaism, for the gorgeous carpets, cushions and some other decorations in lamaseries were all made of wool carpets. In Qing Dynasty, the royal families honored Shamanism and built many lamaseries, which greatly promoted the development and improvement of wool carpets.


Cashmere produced in Inner Mongolia is a kind of rare textile raw material and it enjoys a great reputation in the whole world. The cashmere from Oerhtossu Plateau is particularly famous for its thin and soft fibers. It can be used to make shawls, sweaters and even quilts, ranging from clothes to bedding. The cashmere products are soft, warm and comfortable. Those features make the cashmere products quite popular among customers, especially in cold seasons. Generally speaking, the quality of cashmere can be judged by its colors. The white cashmere is better than the green or purple cashmere.

Mongolian Knife

Mongolian Knife is a practical and beautiful handicraft favored by local people. Mongolian Knife is a necessity in herdsmen’s daily life, for it can be used to slaughter sheep and cattle. And due to its beautiful appearance, the Mongolian Knife can also be used as a decoration. The blade of Mongolian Knife is usually made of steel, while the handle and scabbard can be made of various materials ranging from wood to silver. Besides, the local artists will also carve fine patterns or embed jewelry on the hand or scabbard. In local people’s heart, the Mongolian Knife is a gift given by God and it will bring good luck to its owner.

Ox Horn Handicrafts

The ox horn can be used to make a variety of products. Generally speaking, the ox horn handicrafts have three major categories: the wall decorations, furnishings and clothing ornaments. There are over 100 kinds of ox horn products fell on 10 series such as totems, animals, figures etc. Among all those products, the ox horn combs are the most popular souvenir among visitors. According to the records in “An Outline Treatise of Medical Herbs”, an authoritative classic medical book, the ox horn is cool and refreshing. The ox horn comb can increase the blood circulation by massaging the scalp. By long term use, it will help to cure some diseases such as headache.


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