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Hohhot History

Hohhot is the famous historical and cultural city of China, and is full of natural beauty and historical relics. The relics of “Dayao Culture”at eastern suburbs indicate human activities of 500000 years ago. In the Period of Warring States 2300 years ago, Zhaowuhou built the Ancient City. In Northern Wei period, Xianbei ethnic groups established capital at Horinger County now, the first capital in north grassland, named Shile in history and named Fengzhou in Liao period.



In Ming Dynasty, Tolmud Mongols had long been semi-agricultural Hohhot. In 1581, Tolmud leader Altan Khan constructed the city now in Yuquan District, named Hohhot in Mongolian meaning. And the Ming Dynasty changed the name as Guihua. In 1737, the Qing government built strong garrison town Suiyuan city at the northeast Guihua, then unite two cities as one named Guisui. In 1954, after approved by the State Council of China, the city became the capital of Inner Mongolia and resumed the name of Hohhot.

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