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Tomb Of Princess Zhaojun

Tomb of Princess Zhaojun: General Introduction

The Tomb of Princess Zhaojun, located near the bank of Da Hei River, about 9 kilometers south of the Hohhot city center, is one of the most beautiful scenes of ancient times. The story of the concubine Wang Zhaojun, one of China’s four historical beauties, is a Chinese morality tale of political alliance and sacrifice. The tale has been obfuscated over time into numerous versions. The Tomb of Princess Zhaojun is one hundred feet tall, occupying an area of 1.3 hectare. The pyramid-shaped mound is 98 feet high and is crowned by a pavilion on its summit. From the pavilion the views are nice of the grasslands, farms and the small park that surrounds the foot of the tomb. The park contains a couple of interesting features, a statue of the couple together on horseback, and a rose garden that within contains a museum that holds a couple of steles, and clothing, jewels and books that allegedly belong to the deceased.

It was said that each year when the weather turned cold and grasses became yellow, only this tomb remained green and thus it is also called Green Tomb. However, the tomb is famous not only for the scene but also for the Lady Wang Zhaojun. She was not really buried here and nobody knows where and when she died. The Tomb of Wang Zhaojun itself is also shrouded in mystery, in which no one knows whether the true concubine Wang lies beneath.

Tomb of Princess Zhaojun Travel Tip:

Admission Fee: CNY 35

Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00

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