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Garden Of Master Of Nets

Garden of Master of Nets: General Information

Originally known as the Fisherman's Retreat, Garden of Master of Nets was laid out under the southern Song Dynasty, and was renamed the Master-of-Nets Garden in Qianglong reign under the Qing Dynasty. The outstanding feature of this small but elegant garden lies in the harmonious combination of living quarters with the landscape garden. The central pond, along with the surrounding roofed walkways and pavilions decorated with trees, flowers and rockery, is a typical embodiment of the classical idea of "a small world reflecting a bigger one" and "the few surpassing the many". There are scenes beyond scenes, and gardens within the garden. Many buildings are perfectly spaced in good proportion instead of being crammed. Based on illusion, the garden is full of change, achieving a unity of part and whole. The Master-of-Nets Garden serves to illustrate how the few surpasses the many and it has become a masterpiece of classical gardens.

Garden of Master of Nets Travel Tips

Admission Fee: CNY30 from Apr 16 to Oct 30; CNY20 from Nov 01 to Apr 15, Next Year

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00

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