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Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill: General Information

Lying to the west of the ancient city of Suzhou with a history of over 2,500 years, the Tiger Hill has the reputation of being No.1 Sight of the Wu (ancient name of Jiangsu province) region. "It would be a loss if you miss the Tiger Hill in your visit to Suzhou," said the Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo. There are three ideal vantage points and nine different ways of enjoying the sights of the hill under nine different weather conditions. 36 meters in height, Tiger Hill is famous for its sheer cliffs and deep ravines. The Sword Pond conceals the secrets of the Tomb of King Wu with his valuable swords. At the top of the hill stands the Learning Tower of Suzhou, a brick pagoda dating from the 2nd year of Jianlong reign of the Northern Song Dynasty and serving as the landmark of the ancient city. There are beautiful legends about the Hall of Broken Beam, the Sword Testing Stone, the Thousand Men's Rock, the Nodding Stone, and other historical relics.

Tiger Hill Travel Tips

Phone: 0512-67232305

Admission Fee: CNY60 from Apr 16 to Oct 30; CNY40 from Nov 01 to Apr 15, next year

Opening Hours: 07:30-18:00

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