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Suzhou Climate

Suzhou, located on the eastern coast of China, carries the monsoon climate of the humid subtropical climate zone. Suzhou enjoys abundant sunlight, a long frost-free period, and high temperatures accompanied by ideal rains.

The average annual temperature in Suzhou is 15.9℃, but July reached an average high 28.2℃ and January a low of 3.6℃. The year’s precipitation inSuzhou amounts to around 1110.6 mm, with about 128 rainy days. During June every year, it rains the heaviest and longest.

Spring (March - May): with an average temperature of 14.2℃ however the temperature doesn’t maintain itself during the entire length of spring. April can have temperatures under 0℃.

Summer (June - August): the hottest season of the year with an average temperature of 26.6℃. June is the rain season; July is the hottest month and can reach a maximum temperature of 35℃.

Autumn (September - November): with the average temperature of 17.6℃, the season starts with days of over 30℃and cools as September arrives.

Winter (December - February): The coldest weather is felt during late January (as low as -8℃), but winter’s average temperature is of 4.4℃. In recent years, winter has not shown itself to be as cold.

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