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Suzhou Shopping

Suzhou is famous not only for the exquisite landscape gardens with traditional architectural style but also for its exquisite-made handicrafts as well as excellent local products. Being the silk capital of China, Suzhouis the place to buy the best quality Chinese Silk and Su Embroidery products. The variety and quality of silk products in Suzhou is almost unbeatable in China. This is the place to buy silk dresses, silk fans, silk jackets, silk pajamas, silk quilt, silk underwear and traditional Chinese dress of Qipao. There are tailors in Suzhou who can make a silk dress for you in a couple of days and most cloth shops have in house tailors.  When you are in Suzhou, please try shopping at the following streets:Guanqianjie Street, Shiquanjie Street and Shilu Shopping Street.

Suzhou Embroidery

Thread lanes, brocade mills, embroidery flower streets, etc., in the city. That proved the prosperity of Suzhou embroidery. Some lived by embroidering. Daughters in rich families were engaged in it as a way of killing time and molding their experiment. That’s how “popular embroidery”, “boudoir embroidery” and “palace embroidery” came into being.

Suzhou Brocade

Suzhou Song Brocade with its magnificent color, delicate patterns and softness, Nanjing Yun Brocade, Sichuan Su Brocade are honored as the most famous brocades in China. As early as in the Qin and Han dynasties, folk artisans carried deep researches in brocade. In Tang dynasty, there was famous brocade in Suzhou.

Shilu Pedestrian Street

Shilu Pedestrian Street is located in Jinchang District of Suzhou City, it is named after “Store Road” in English as it paved with stone in late Qing Dynasty. It is said that it had already been very prosperous in ancient time. Since late 2003, Suzhou Municipal Government injected a lot of capital to reconstruct the street.

Shiquan Street

Shiquan Street is located in hotel area in Suzhou ancient city, famous Nanlin Restaurant, Suzhou Restaurant, Nanlin Hotel as well as the classical garden of The Master-of-Nets Garden are on this street. As tourism of Suzhou is flourishing and old streets here are reconstructed, the rebuilt Shiquan Street looks very brand-new.

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